Stitch Fix: The Subscription Magic that Improved My Fashion Sense and Boosted My Self-Confidence

I’ve never been the put-together one – or at least, I’ve never felt that way. Whether it’s from 7 years of wearing a school uniform, poor eyesight, impatience at shopping malls, or something else, I am virtually unable to dress myself in the mornings (or afternoons, evenings, or anytime in between). Instead, me “getting ready” consists of trying on 10+ outfits, often getting upset, and ultimately sending pictures of my options to a friend, my mom, or my sister. Generally, whoever answers first gets to pick what I’m wearing that day. Stitch Fix would soon change this.


One night, I started Googling “personal shoppers” and “personal shopping help.” I started coming across sites for personalized subscription services. After scrolling through several viable options, I landed on Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix streamlines the shopping process by hand-selecting 5 items and delivering them straight to your door.

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Here’s a breakdown of how Stitch Fix works:


  1. Fill out your personal style profile. Select the sizes, colors, materials and type of clothing that best fits your lifestyle. You even have the option to link your Pinterest and social media profiles, so that your stylist can really get a feel for your style!
  2. Pick a date and pay the $20 styling fee. Choose when you want your fix. The styling fee will be applied to your final purchase as a credit.  
  3. Receive 5 items hand-selected by your personal stylist, delivered right to your door. These items (tops, bottoms, outerwear, jewelry, purses or shoes) come with a note from your stylist, and style cards that give you a couple of options of fashion pairings.
  4. Try on your items in your own home, with other items from your own closet. Don’t you ever go to the mall and wish you could picture the new top with your black jeans, or in those tall boots back in your closet?
  5. Keep what you love, and send the rest back (Stitch Fix pays the shipping!). Remember, your $20 styling fee will be applied towards your final purchase. You have 3 days to send back what you don’t love.
  6. Give your stylist some feedback! Let them know what you did and didn’t love, and why. This part is crucial to having great future fixes.



Why I LOVE Stitch Fix:


  1. Customer Service – Their customer service is outstanding. They’re personal, understanding, and helpful. Are you having trouble deciding what to keep, and need more than 3 days? Email them. Need a different size? Email them. Have an issue with an item and need a replacement? Email them.
  2. 25% Discount – Stitch Fix offers a 25% discount on your fix if you love all 5 items in the box. I haven’t found another comparable fashion subscription service that offers this perk.
  3. Choose your fixes – Stitch Fix works on your schedule. You can use it monthly, every other month, or just once a year. You can start, pause, or stop your fixes whenever you’d like, and there’s no catch. Just get on the calendar and choose a date!
  4. Leave your comfort zone – In my second fix, I wrote a note to my stylist specifically asking to send a piece that would put me out of my comfort zone. She delivered, and I absolutely loved the Faux Leather Jacket I received. The jacket is something I would have never even looked twice at in a store, but being in my home, I could try it on with different pieces from my own closet.
  5. Self-confidence boost – Even though I’ve only been using Stitch Fix for about 4 months so far, I am already seeing such a change in myself. Now, I can confidently pick out an outfit for myself, whether it be Stitch Fix items or not. I have more pride in my appearance, and make an effort to stay away from the yoga pants on days that I have nothing on the schedule but a few errands.


Overall, I highly recommend Stitch Fix. Actually, I would love for you to try Stitch Fix for yourself! Be sure to let me know what you think about the service.


The company does offer perks for referring new clients to style, so disclaimer: if you choose to use my Stitch Fix link, I will receive a credit good towards a future fix. However, it’s a win-win. When you start using Stitch Fix, use your referral code with your friends, and you’ll get credits as well!

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