3 Tips to Easier Family Pictures

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Guys like taking photos that show off their manliness. They’ll ask you to take a photo of them holding up the fish they just caught, showing their muscles, or sitting behind the giant steak they plan to devour entirely. Sometimes, they’ll indulge you and let you take some date night selfies. But formal pictures? Family pictures? Pictures that are scheduled? Nope. With my husband David, it’s the same story.


Even though we don’t have kids, we’ve slowly added fur-children to the mix. Three, to be exact. Our dogs are somewhat manageable, but even taking nice pictures just myself and my husband can be difficult. After many many photo ops, I’ve come up with 3 tips to help make the photography experience a little more enjoyable for everyone.


1. Don’t forget about your guy’s attire

Let’s face it, girls have more options when it comes to outfit combinations. To me, this means I pick out my outfit first, and then see what David has that will compliment it. Unfortunately, it also means (sometimes) forgetting things. I completely forgot about a change of shoes for David for our engagement pictures because I was so caught up in getting everything for my own outfit. As a result, he wore his (military) jump boots with jeans.

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2. Laugh it off

The pressure of taking “family pictures” causes so much stress (for me, at least). Don’t take yourself – or the pictures – too seriously. I’d like to think I have this one down, but I can still do better with it. Your stressed, frustrated face does come across in pictures! Take some deep breathes, smile, and remember that you’re just there to take pictures with someone you love. The best pictures are the ones where the photographer captures your personalities and your relationship!


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3. Be prepared

Show up with ideas in mind! I’m not saying you should become the director of the photo shoot – please don’t do that. However, if you have a few cute poses that are must-haves… let your photographer know! Bonus points if you let him/her know ahead of time. One great way to get a unique shot is to bring an item from home that holds meaning in your relationship.

At our engagement pictures, for example, we wanted to incorporate Scrabble letters.

View More: http://photographybyjasminenicoson.pass.us/sarah-and-david


This year with our 3 puppies, we just wanted a decent picture where everyone was looking at the camera at the same time. Thankfully, Brianna Danielle Photography was able to capture several!


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What has your experience been? Are family photos easy for you? If so, please share your wisdom! If not, go ahead and share your experiences too!