New Year Resolutions: Make Them Stick

As the year comes to an end, most people start to think about their New Year resolutions. Others see resolutions as cliché and impossible. Gyms across the country prepare for all of their New Year specials to cater to the masses who chose the “get fit” resolution.

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Having a brand new year – a fresh start – ahead of you is such a motivating, beautiful thing.


So why are (most) resolutions a flop? 

See if any of these reasons sound familiar…


  • We make too many resolutions at one time

  • We jump on the bandwagon and adopt someone else’s resolutions

  • We procrastinate

  • We have no support system

  • We set unrealistic goals

  • We don’t follow through


I bet you can relate to at least a couple of those reasons. We tend to create lofty, unrealistic resolutions – and often just take our best friend’s goals because they seem like good ideas. In reality, your friend’s goals and motivations are probably very different from yours.


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So, how can we make our resolutions stick?


1) Focus on a small number of resolutions and be specific

• Instead of saying “I’ll lose weight,” try “I’ll lose X pounds in X months”


2) Change your language

• Instead of “I want to lose 10 pounds,” try “I will lose 10 pounds”


3) Recognize why you’re conflicted and what’s holding you back

• “I want to lose weight, but I love (insert unhealthy food) and don’t want to give it up”

• Recognize what’s holding you back so you can (1) accept it and (2) change it


4) Find an accountability partner or support system


5) Celebrate the small successes

• Be proud of the small steps, they show your progress towards reaching your goal!


6) Focus on the present

• Stop worrying about the timeline. What can you do right now to progress?


I am the the person who is brainwashed by the “fresh start” idea. Every time I try to get back on track with working out (yes, I am still working on this), I tell my husband, “Well, I’ll start next week. Today is Tuesday, and I wouldn’t want to start a routine in the middle of the week…”


Clearly that’s an excuse. In that scenario, I want to establish a consistent work out regimen, but my conflicting desire is that I’m lazy and I like the couch.


Heading into the new year, I have a few specific New Year resolutions of my own:

  1. Work out at least 3 times a week

  2. Try something new each month (food, activity, travel, etc.)

  3. Read at least 2 books each month

  4. Write at least 2 blog posts a week


The Day Designer prompts you to choose 1-3 main focuses for the upcoming year. As overall focuses, I want to (1) be present; to listen and be engaged in conversations and relationships, and (2) focus on personal happiness.



What New Year resolutions do you have for 2016? How will you achieve them? Share them with us in the comments!