Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest holidays to shop for women (in my opinion). Flowers, candy, balloons, jewelry, clothes… the list goes on. But for men? Hmm…


One thing I’ve tried to do better at is purchasing gifts that the recipient would actually want. The gifts I want to give are not always what that person would like to receive. Tailor your gifts to meet your recipient’s tastes!


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, companies are going full-blast with their articles, gift guides, and special Valentine’s Day sales. Scrolling through Twitter, I came across an article from Elle – “18 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Spoil Your S.O.”  Out of curiosity, I called David over and we started going through the list together. While some of the gifts were okay, most were ridiculously priced or too lavish for Valentine’s Day (if you have $2,450 to spend, would you really purchase that messenger bag?).

Here is your complete, realistic Valentine’s Day gift guide for the everyday kind of guy. Enjoy!


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1) Bacon Bouquet

Bacon… need I say more? Whether you Do It Yourself following Lily the Wandering Gypsy’s post or purchase from the Ditzy Blondes, anything with bacon is bound to be successful. If you really want to go the extra mile, check out Man Crate’s bacon crate.

2) Beard Variety Pint Glasses

Disclaimer: These are not dishwasher safe. Reality? David received them for Christmas from my sister, and he uses them all the time. It’s just more fun to drink out of a beard glass.

3) Dollar Shave Club

Beard or no beard, shaving essentials are always nice to have. With the Dollar Shave Club, you can sign up, gift a gift card, or choose a 3, 6 or 12 month gift package.



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1) Date Night Jar

You can surprise your man with this thoughtful gift, or make a date out of it and do it together! Include at home dates, your favorite dates, places you haven’t been, bucket list activities, and more. These don’t have to be complete dates. Get extra fancy and color code the sticks according to price, location, or whose idea it was – or just buy colored sticks! Simply Carmen Renee and Budget Girl  both have some really great date ideas to inspire you.

2) “Open When” Letters

I made these for David two years ago when he went off to Ranger school, but these are also a great romantic gift as well. The premise is to create a bunch of “open when” scenarios on envelopes, and then stuff them with a sweet note, memory, gift – anything you want! The Dating Divas and LDR Magazine both have great idea libraries on how to get started.

3) 52 Reasons I Love You

This is a great, inexpensive way to remind your guy of why you love him so much. Take a deck of cards and personalize them with all of your reasons. You can even get creative and incorporate photographs, drawings, or glitter! Check out Pinterest Addict and Everything Sunny Always for examples.



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1) Ammo

When I asked David what he would like to receive for Valentine’s Day, he immediately answered “ammo.” It might not be every guy’s cup of tea, but it could be a good one to store for future holidays for your father-in-law who likes to hunt or the uncle who’s hard to buy for. Try Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shop for some good deals.

2) Flashlights

I mean, is there such a thing as too many flashlights? If your guy is anything like my husband and likes to be prepared, multiple flashlights to stash everywhere are a necessity.

3) An Experience Gift

Forgo the physical gift giving, and treat your man to an experience. The trick here is to tailor it to him, not you. Pick something new off Groupon’s local deals, like paintball, zip-lining, or a cooking class, depending on what your guy is into. You can also check your city’s event calendar and see if there are any concerts or games coming to your area.



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1) Engraved Wallet

A personalized or engraved wallet is a great gift for your guy. Just be use to quadruple check your customization details before having them engraved. When David and I first started dating (September 2012), I thought an engraved wallet would be a fun Christmas present. I chose to include a sweet quote and the date we started dating, or so I thought. When I went back to the store to pick up my order, I immediately realized I had written down “September 1, 2013,” a whole year ahead. Engravings are usually non-refundable, so I sucked it up and gave it to him anyway, hoping it wouldn’t freak him out too much. I guess it didn’t! 🙂

2) Monogrammed Flask

Flask, or anything that he uses, really. Things Remembered has a huge variety of monogram-able objects (flasks, knives, wallets, keychains, etc.). You can even opt to use images along with text.

3) Bottle Breacher

Featured on Shark Tank, Bottle Breacher is a Veteran-employing company that creates engraved bottle openers out of dummy ammunition. They’re unique and useful!



Hopefully you got some ideas (or at least some inspiration) from this list. What did I miss? What gifts have you given your significant other?



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