How to Make the Most out of Stitch Fix

After 6 Fixes, I think I’m starting to get the hang of Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a styling subscription service where a stylist hand-selects 5 items (clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry) based on your style profile, notes and requests and delivers it to your doorstep. It’s like Christmas morning over and over again! You can get a full breakdown on how Stitch Fix works here, and see my previous fixes here, here and here.


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RD Style Shilow Sweater Dress • Pixley Analisse Anorak Jacket • Staccato Jayden Open Drape Cardigan • KFTK Danny Knit Pant


Without further ado, here’s 5 ways you can make the most out of your Stitch Fix:


1) Be honest

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile. You fill out your sizes, questions about your body type, questions about your style preferences and whatever else you want to include. While Stitch Fix is a great opportunity to revamp or completely rebuild your wardrobe, be honest! You might be a certain size on your dream board, but I can tell you from experience that it’s sad to receive jeans you can’t even get over your hips!


2) Try to stay open-minded

Stitch Fix released an app for the iPhone last year. Thankfully I have an Android, because with the app you have the option to “peek” at your Fix and see what’s coming. Sometimes you can see images and sometimes it’s just the name of  a piece. Either way, I think it ruins the fun. You never know what you really think about something until you try it on! For me, Fix #4 reminded me why I should keep an open mind with Stitch Fix. Your stylist might just know you better than you think!


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Market & Spruce Pablo V-Neck Blouse ($58)


3) Make Pinterest your best friend

Before Stitch Fix, my fashion board on Pinterest was a bunch of random pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories that I thought were cute. Half of them were things I would never actually wear, things I probably couldn’t afford, or pieces that I would have nowhere to wear. On your Stitch Fix style profile, you are able to link your Pinterest fashion board. This is such a game-changer! Try to leave specifics on why you choose to pin an ensemble – love the color? Love the wash of the jeans? Mention it! One caveat: try not to use Pinterest for things you dislike. I’ve come across a few of these anti-unicorn Pinterest Stitch Fix boards, and they’re super confusing. If you’ve been in a Stitch Fix rut, take some time to go back through your Pinterest. You should update it regularly for your stylist. Feel free to visit mine for inspiration!


4) Appreciate the service

There a lot of reasons to get started with Stitch Fix: the convenience, the personalization, the surprise, new pieces, etc. The reason you don’t get started with Stitch Fix? To shop for exact, specific pieces. Yes, you can always request a specific piece by name and pin it a million times on your Pinterest board. If you’re continually getting upset about not receiving what you’re requesting, Stitch Fix probably just isn’t the right service for you. And that’s fine. But if you are comfortable with giving your stylist more reign over styling your Fix, you might just be surprised!


5) Leave complete feedback – everywhere

When checking out (use the whole 3 days to make your decisions!), you have the opportunity to leave feedback about the fit, price, style and any other notes you have about each piece. Use all of this space! Leave clear, specific feedback for your stylist. Instead of “didn’t like it,” try “I don’t like florals or busy patterns.” The better feedback you leave, the easier it will be for your stylist to pinpoint your style. You also have a general notes area when checking out, and the notes area at the end of your style profile. Be sure to go back and change up your style profile notes to adjust to each fix! If you’re enjoying your stylist, request them in each pre-Fix note. For me, a simple “Sara please!!” has kept our Stitch Fix relationship going for several Fixes.

Also, going back to (1), be honest in your feedback. If you kept something and sold it to recoup your styling fee, tell your stylist! Otherwise, you’ll continue to get similar items because they assume you like them.


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Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman ($48)



Ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself?

Sign up using my affiliate link, or explore Stitch Fix for yourself. I do receive credit towards future Fixes with each referral – and you can start receiving credit when you sign up, too! Tip: share your referral link and earn credit before you schedule your first Fix!