15 Things to Do to Get out of a Slump

We all have those moods – tired, sad, unmotivated, lazy, or zombie-like. It’s hard to get up and get things done when you’re stuck in a slump. I regularly experience such slumps, but have found some ways to get rid of them. Here are 15 tried-and-true things to do to help you get out of your slump and back into a productive place.


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1.) Unplug

We live in a technology-crazed society. Give yourself (at least) a 5 minute break from it all. Get out of your Inbox, off Facebook, stop Pinning, and quit scrolling through Tweets. Put your screen(s) face down on the table, or facing away from your attention. Better yet, get up and literally walk away. Being able to unplug is a great thing!


2.) Walk Outside

Get some Vitamin D! Not sunny outside? That’s okay too, just walk outside for some fresh air. Whether you take a walk around the block or just stand outside your door, outside air really does help clear your mind and refresh you.


3.) Play with a Puppy (or borrow a friend’s)

You can’t be in a mood when you’re playing with a puppy – come on, it’s a puppy! If you don’t have one (or three) of your own, borrow a friend’s. The energy, fuzzy snuggles, and playfulness should help brighten your mood after just a few minutes.


4.) Dance Break

You don’t have to be the best, or even a good, dancer to get moving. Take a 3 minute break and dance to a favorite song.


5.) Take a Shower

Having a bad day? Get a new start by washing away your grumpy feelings in the shower.


6.) Focus on Gratitude

Sure, you’re in a mood. But do you remember all of the blessings in your life? Focus on what you’re thankful for, and you just might be able to turn your mood around. Bonus points for writing down the 10 things you’re grateful for in that moment.


7.) Get a Change of Scenery

Move to a different room or even building. Getting a change of scenery works wonders, especially if the same four walls in your workplace are what’s causing your zombie-like slump. Spend at least 5 minutes in a new location, and appreciate the difference.


8.) Sing along to Pandora

Like dancing, singing is a great distraction and mood-lifter. Put your favorite song on blast and belt out the lyrics.


9.) Do 50 Jumping Jacks

When you’re in a mood or a slump, moving is not really on your list of things to do. Once you start moving, however, the endorphins released make it worth it! A simple set of jumping jacks can get your heart rate going and relieve some stress.


10.) Power Pose

This is going to sound silly, but I swear it works. You’d be surprised on how much our body language affects our hormone levels. Put yourself in a “power pose” as if you are Wonder Woman. Stand up, put your hands on your hips, and smile. Now hold this position for at least two minutes. Feel the difference?


11.) Write Down Your Goals

A lot of times, a slump stems from becoming overwhelmed or losing focus of your end goal(s). Instead of leaving your goals as intangible, free-floating thoughts, take a minute to physically write down your top 5 goals. Depending on your mood, this could be your top 5 goals for the day, week, month, or year – or all of the above. Give yourself clarity on where you want to be to motivate yourself to get started.


12.) Read a Book

If your slump is related to your personal or work life, try reading a book about that subject to find inspiration and motivation. If you’re in one of those unknown moods that didn’t really originate from any particular source, pick up a leisure book from your favorite genre.


13.) Call a Friend

Find some support and call a friend to talk – it could be about you, them, or anything. We crave support and acceptance from others, and it can really help raise your spirits to talk to someone, even if it’s about nothing in particular.


14.) Stretch

Wake up your muscles with some light stretching, or pull out a mat and try some yoga. Stretching increases circulation to the muscles and even promotes circulation of new blood to the brain, which can allow mood elevation.


15.) Watch a Ted Talk

When you’re not up for reading inspiration, find inspiration in a Ted Talk. The Ted website advertises over 2100 talks to browse through. Find a topic that piques your interest and get to watching!



Have you tried any of these methods to get in a happier place? Did they work for you? How do you get out of a slump?