Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club Comparison

After finding Stitch Fix and loving it, I was eager to try a similar service. Enter Trunk Club. Trunk Club seemed to be worth a try because of the lack of a “styling fee.” Worst case scenario, I try on some unique pieces and return it. Being one to research everything, I scoured Google and Pinterest looking for a great comparison. While I did find a couple of valuable posts, I was hungry for more information.

Fast forward a few months, and I’ve tried both services. Furthermore, I love both services. So far, I’ve received 7 Fixes and 2 Trunks. [See my last Fix here and my last Trunk here.]  There’s a lot of similarities and differences between these two style subscription services, so I’ve gone through specific categories to explain and compare each service. At the end of the post, you’ll find a quick comparison guide.

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Styling Fee

Stitch Fix charges a “styling fee” of $20 per Fix. After scheduling your Fix, your card will be charged $20 when your Fix ships. This styling fee is deducted from your Invoice, so if you purchase a $50 top, you’ll only owe $30 because your styling fee was already credited to your purchase. If you decide not to keep anything in your Fix, you forfeit the styling fee. Stitch Fix’s customer service is wonderful, and sometimes will give you a “redo” chance by sending you another Fix without charging you a styling fee. If not, you can always sell 1 item from your Fix to recoup the styling fee (although I don’t recommend this – check out why here).

Trunk Club does not charge any sort of styling fee. You simply pay for what you decide to keep and purchase.



When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile, which outlines your sizes, style preferences, and price points. Your style profile can be updated before each and every Fix if you prefer – and that’s a great way to highlight what you want to receive to your stylist.

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You also have a small area at the end of your style profile for any general notes you want to include. Besides your style profile, you can add social media links (like Pinterest) and you have a chance to write a 500 character note to your stylist before each Fix ships. While you’re not guaranteed the same stylist each time, this is a great place to request a specific stylist if you have one in mind.


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This pre-Fix note was written by my husband for Fix #7

When you sign up with Trunk Club, you’re assigned your own personal stylist. This stylist will be yours unless they leave the company, or you request someone new. When I first heard from my stylist, Casey, she asked how I wanted to communicate about the service. I told her that I prefer email, and that’s how we’ve communicated since. However, she’s available through the Trunk Club website, the app, phone calls, and even texting. She has even encouraged me to text her pictures of outfits I’m unsure of so that she can help out.

Unlike Stitch Fix, there’s no online style profile to fill out with Trunk Club. On the site, you simply choose your sizes. Your style preferences are expressed through your social media links (again, Pinterest) and your communication with your stylist. Casey, for example, asked me about my favorite brands, how I prefer my clothes to fit, and what my day-to-day looks like in order to gauge my style.


Stitch Fix stylists hand-pick 5 items for you. These items can be clothing (shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, outwear), purses, jewelry, accessories (scarves), and shoes. If you don’t want to receive a particular category, you can blacklist it on your style profile – and change your preference at any point in time. Stitch Fix sends brands of clothing like Daniel Rainn, Loveappella, Skies are Blue, 41 Hawthorn, Market & Spruce, and more. Some brands are exclusive to Stitch Fix, like Emers. They will price match if the items have identical tags and SKUs.

Also, you’ll receive style cards with each Fix. These cards show 2 ways that your item can be styled, and is a great point of reference when picking out your outfits before leaving the house.

pixley analisse anorak jacket, stitch fix, stitch fix style card, style card, safari with sarah

Trunk Club stylists send 10-20 items per Trunk, although I have seen both more and less in reveals on the Trunk Club FB page. The inventory is pulled from Nordstrom, so some of the brands they include are Vince Camuto, Halogen, Pleione and Lilly Pulitzer. They honor Nordstrom sales and the pieces will reflect these prices. Trunk Club stylists can send you basically anything – tops, pants, outerwear, bras, swimsuits, athletic wear, dresses, purses, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, shoes, etc.



If you have the iPhone Stitch Fix app, you can “peek” at your Fix when it ships. They don’t have an Android app available at this point.

Trunk Club offers a “preview” before your stylist ships out your Trunk. You select what you want to receive or not receive, and then give feedback on why you removed items from the Trunk. Then you request what you’d like to receive in its place. Although this is a great way to monitor your price points (uncheck the pricy items), I tend to miss the surprise aspect that Stitch Fix provides. When your stylist adds new pieces to replace the first preview, the Trunk ships without you getting a second preview.


Price Point

As mentioned in the “Stylist” section, Stitch Fix lets you set your price points. While they will do their best to stay in your price range, they do advertise that their items have an average of $55.

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club, price point, Stitch Fix price point, Stitch FIx Trunk Club comparison, safari with sarah


Trunk Club has a reputation for being a high-priced subscription styling service. Because they pull from Nordstrom, some of the SKUs can definitely be high. However, my experience has been that your stylist will do their best to stay within your price points (thanks, Casey!). Trunk items can fluctuate from $10 to higher than $400, depending on the type of item and brand.


Trying On

Stitch Fix gives you 3 days to try on items from your Fix, mix and match with items from your own wardrobe, and decide what to keep.
Trunk Club gives you 10 days to try on items before choosing what to keep or return.



If you keep all 5 items from your Fix, you receive a 25% off discount. This discount is clearly outlined on your Invoice so that you can see what your total would be if you choose to keep all 5 items.

Trunk Club does not offer any kind of discount based on the items that you decide to keep.



In each Fix along with your Invoice and style cards, you receive a pre-labeled USPS shipping bag. Whatever you choose to send back, you put in the bag and put in your mailbox or drop off at the post office.

Your Trunks serve as a return shipping box. With your Invoice you’ll find a new shipping label and extra tape to close up your Trunk. Returns are made through UPS, and you have the choice to schedule a home pick-up.



With Stitch Fix, you receive a $25 credit for each friend who signs up and schedules a Fix with your referral link. While they do not have to purchase any items for you to receive the credit, their Fix does have to ship.

With Trunk Club, you receive a $50 credit for each friend who signs up with your stylist and makes a purchase of at least $50 with their first Trunk.


So Let’s Recap with a Comparison…

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So which service is better? Honestly, I still love them both. Each service has its own unique pros and cons, and really each service has its own role to play in my wardrobe!

With Stitch Fix, I leave my requests pretty open-ended with my stylist. Stitch Fix is a service designed to take you out of your comfort zone and surprise you with unique pieces. While you might feel the need to be super specific in your requests because of the cute pieces you’ve seen on the Facebook page, try to resist the urge. It takes the fun out of the service! If you know how much you want a specific piece, be intentional and find it on your own – don’t be unnecessarily high-maintenance with your Stitch Fix stylist.

With Trunk Club, my requests are intentional. For Trunk #3, I am looking forward to requesting a “summer” Trunk, or maybe an exclusively “swimwear” Trunk. Because you receive 10+ items, you’re (probably) not going to keep everything. This makes it a great way to try on a bunch of jeans, athletic wear, or dresses – whatever you’re needing for your closet that you haven’t found yet.

Have you tried these services?

Which one do you like better? What has your experience been like?



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  • Sara McCarty

    This is such a great post! I love the side-by-side comparison chart. I haven’t tried Trunk Club yet, but this makes me want to!

    • Thank you, Sara, I’m glad you liked it! You should definitely give it a try. Just be super clear on your price points with your stylist, and you should have a successful Trunk. Thanks for reading!

  • Kayla

    I love this post! I heard lots of things about Trunk Club so I’m giving it a try…prices are steep but the quality and items chosen are worth it. I like how many items I can choose from and how much time I have to decide if I want to keep them. But I love Stitch Fix just as much! I’m a little partial to it because a family member is my sytlist, but none the less it’s amazing! My stylist at Stitch Fix helps me break out of my normal clothing habits, while Trunk Club helps refresh what I already have!

    • Thank you, Kayla! I’m the same way; Stitch Fix has taken me out of my comfort zone, while Trunk Club is helpful for finding specific items or types of items. That’s so cool that you have a family member as your stylist!! My sister has an internship this summer with Trunk Club, and I’m curious to hear more about the back-end of the process. Thanks for reading!

  • Great comparison, thank you!!!

    **I would just add that the Stitch Fix return package can also be scheduled for pick up by USPS because it is Priority Mail. I have done this when my car was unexpectedly in the repair shop and I knew I wouldn’t get to the post office by the return deadline. #Lifesaver

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Miranda! And thank you for the tip! I didn’t even think about it being Priority Mail. I will have to remember that for future returns!

  • This is a great comparison post. I had been wondering how Trunk Club compared to Stitch Fix and you’ve answered all my questions! I’m still a little worried Trunk Club might be too pricey but I’m definitely going to keep it in mind.

    • I’m glad you found it informative! The great thing about Trunk Club is the lack of styling fee. I ended up returning my entire first Trunk because of fit issues and I just wasn’t in love with anything. It’s a great way to do some shopping in your own home 🙂

  • Kelly Panzl

    Thanks for this post! I came across your blog looking for stitch fix reviews. After reading this, i think Im going to try trunk club!

  • workingclassmom

    There is a boutique in our hometown offering something similar, without a subscription or a styling fee. You know the value of your box before you get it and you can return anything you don’t like for credit to pick something else out that you do want. The website is If you buy the basic box it is $75 and you get $125 worth of product. For $150 you can get $250 of product. They are only seasonal boxes though and I think the next deadline is February 10th or 14th. I was comparing boxes and came across your review. I think I am going to give Tildy’s a shot for my spring wardrobe.

  • Tracie Johnson

    Even though Trunk Club now charges the same styling fee, I still enjoy them both equally. They seem to have found a happy medium in price point with me regardless of how they are set-up in my profile. I LOVE both plans!!