6 Online Shopping Sites from an Enabler

For someone who doesn’t like shopping, I’ve done an awful lot of shopping in the past year-ish. I’m not sure if it’s the addictive sites I’ve found or if I’m actually having more fun picking out clothes – but either way, my bank account has noticed a difference.


It’s weird to think that I am more successful in my online shopping endeavors than I am during physical shopping trips, but it’s true. Even stranger is the fact that services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club can pinpoint my sizes in even the most difficult of categories, like jeans. Online shopping can sometimes be a hit or miss, but I’m starting to get more confident with ordering online. Let’s take a look at some of my new favorite shopping sources:


1) Jane.com

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If you haven’t been on Jane before, you need to look it up. Whether you visit on a desktop browser, mobile, or even the app  (which I find easiest to look at), Jane has a great selection. The site works as a marketplace, similar to Groupon, where little boutiques and shops can feature their items at a discount to the consumer. You can find just about everything on there, from personalized dog tags to leopard sandals to maxi dresses.

Two caveats: (1) Verify the seller. Almost every listing is from a different seller, and they’re not all that great. Do yourself a favor and do a quick Google search to see what kind of consumer reviews they have. Do they ship quickly? Are their products true to size? (2) Beware of shipping costs. Yes, that monogrammed water bottle might be super cheap, but does the shipping price exceed the product’s price? It doesn’t happen with every product, but sometimes the shipping costs are a little pricey, comparatively. Each boutique/seller sets its own shipping, and it varies depending on how many of the product you purchase.

*Recently, I purchased a super awesome dog tank from Miss Scarlett Boutique, pictured below. The shipping was quick, quality is great, and the tank fits true to size:

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Shirt reads: “I just want to drink wine, save animals and take naps”


2) Poshmark

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Poshmark is unique place where you can shop the closets other women. It’s a great place to find specific items for a steal, and also to sell your own things to make a few bucks. While I’ve had some friends who had great luck selling on Poshmark, I prefer to just purchase through there. The buyer pays for shipping, but Poshmark does take a commission off your sales. As a buyer, you can search using brand, size, color, and category filters. You’ll find pretty much every brand you can think of – including Stitch Fix items!

*Download the Poshmark app and enter the code PDLFZ to earn $10!


3) Amazon

Although it’s not really a secret or new shopping site, you might not think of clothing and shoes when you think of Amazon. Amazon really does have some great deals on women’s fashion. Whether it’s a tunic to go with some comfy leggings, shoes for the fancy office event you have coming up, or just some basic tank tops, there’s no competing with Amazon’s vast inventory (and prices!).


4) Pinkish Trends

Pinkish Trends, pinkishtrends, instagram, online shopping, safari with sarah, shopping, clothes, boutique, online boutique


This is one of those little boutique shops that I didn’t even know existed until I was exploring Instagram one day. After stumbling upon it, I followed @pinkishtrends for a little while without purchasing anything because I was trying to make sense of the system. I mean, did you know you can purchase from a shop’s inventory straight from Instagram? I didn’t! Most boutique listings on this picture-based social media platform just have you list your size, color/style, and email address. They will then email you an invoice and you have 24-48 hours to pay it before it voids and goes to the next consumer in line. A lot of times these listings are “flash sales” or only apply to a limited amount of inventory, so there’s not much time to second-guess yourself!

If you’re not an Instagram person or want to check out their entire inventory, they also have a website.


5) LuLaRoe

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Okay, this isn’t so much a store as it is a huge, newfound addiction in my life. LuLaRoe sells unique, soft-as-butter leggings, shirts, dresses, cardigans and skirts. Consultants have taken over my Facebook newsfeed because I’ve been added to so many groups by friends (and admittedly have joined quite a few on my own). The beauty of LuLaRoe is that prints are only manufactured in limited quantities… hence the addiction. If you don’t grab a print you kind of like right this minute, it could be gone forever. Creating the incredibly intense sense of urgency is a brilliant PR move, and it’s definitely working for me! Some of my favorite consultant groups on Facebook are Shop LuLaRoe Alexis Lovett, here Jenn’s VIP LuLaRoe Group, and LuLaRoe by Annie Buzzard.

Caveat: Online shopping in these groups is mayhem. Typically, consultants add their inventory into photo albums, and have a designated time when shopping opens. Popular items or patterns (like the unicorns I scored pictured below) are gone almost immediately, while some shoppers (usually me) are left frantically refreshing their browser only to realize they’re fifth in line.

LuLaRoe, lularoe, unicorns, pineapples, leggings, butter leggings, LuLaRoe leggings, safari with sarah


6) Anthropologie

Yes, Anthropologie takes a toll on your bank account… for sure. Bear with me. The clearance section of Anthropologie’s website holds all sorts of hidden treasures! The best thing to do is set up a quick account and “favorite” the items that catch your eye, then wait. Wait for the sales emails to start rolling into your inbox, like Free Shipping, 30% off Clearance Items, etc. You might not always end up with your coveted clearance item, but when you do, it will be well worth the wait.



So there you have it!

I’m still learning my own sense of style and learning to purchase only the items that bring me joy, but these are some of my go-to sites and sources when I start shopping online. My name is Sarah and I’m an enabler… but you’ll thank me later. And when you do, share the gratitude in the comments 🙂  I’d love to hear what you find!