LuLaRoe: Tell Me More

I fell into LuLaRoe. After being added to a LuLaRoe shopping group on Facebook by a friend and watching for awhile, I was intrigued. I was intrigued by the products, the styles, the patterns – and the customers themselves. Everyone was so excited about the clothing and anxious to grab the prints they wanted. I hadn’t even heard of the brand!


LuLaRoe: simply comfortable

What Is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is a wildly addictive fashion brand that specializes in women’s skirts, dresses, shirts and leggings.

The affordable, comfortable and stylish clothing is offered in sizes 2X Small – 3X Large, so it’s literally made for everyone. They also have leggings, shirts and dresses for kids, and now shirts for men.

LuLaRoe’s design team cranks out over 400 unique patterns each day to be considered for production, and they are working hard to keep up with current trends as well as create unique prints for customers. The company just had its 3rd birthday, but is exploding. You can read about LuLaRoe’s story and founder DeAnne here.


What else is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is comfort. LuLaRoe is confidence. LuLaRoe is pattern mixing, empowerment and loving your body. The company of LuLaRoe is generosity, service, love and purpose. Other than just falling in love with the clothing and the company, you also have the opportunity to join the movement.


LuLaRoe Mission Statement

My Story

Let’s continue with my personal experience.

So after being added to the Facebook group, I started purchasing clothing. Then I went ahead and joined 20+ more groups so that I could shop all the time. I didn’t always purchase, but I loved looking through albums of new prints and styles. It didn’t take long for me to become obsessed.

Instagram: @lularoesarahadams


After a lot of thought, personal purchases, prayer, and talking with my husband about the opportunity, I decided to become a LuLaRoe independent fashion consultant! I’m now patiently waiting in what’s dubbed as the “queue club” to await onboarding and the chance to make my first inventory order.

LuLaRoe coming soon // LuLaRoe Sarah Adams // independent fashion consultant

My Why?

I LOVE the clothes. I LOVE the prints. I LOVE the generous, positive and family-like company. I LOVE the opportunity that LuLaRoe gives to women to become independent fashion consultants and create betters lives for themselves. The clothing has given me a boost of confidence in my body, in my outfits, and in my day. I want to share LuLaRoe with everyone! I want to be able to contribute more money to my family and help us reach our goals to eliminate debt, buy land and build our own dream house. I want to create the opportunity for my family to take an extended exploration trip overseas. I want to give our 4 fur-babies a better life with more treats, more trips, and more toys!


I’m so excited to begin this journey. As I await my official onboarding time, I’ve created an Instagram account and Facebook page for you to explore the styles and culture of LuLaRoe. The Facebook group is also where I will be hosting online sales in the future.


As of July 7, 2016, I’m an official LuLaRoe consultant!



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