LuLaRoe Styling: The Mimi

It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m back and ready to share more LuLaRoe love with you! I recently was able to get my hands on a Mimi, also known as a warm hug in shawl form.


One of my favorite things about LuLaRoe clothing is that each piece is multi-functional. Back when I was a LuLaRoe newbie and was just purchasing a pair of leggings or an Irma here or there, I didn’t even think about the potential to wear pieces differently. Now that I’m a consultant, I love scrolling through my team’s pages or Pinterest to see how everyone is wearing and styling their LuLaRoe. I’m even looking at my non-LuLaRoe clothing differently!


The Mimi


While the LuLaRoe Mimi was made in a super small, limited quantity, there are still a few out there up for grabs! This sweater-knit shawl includes five buttons, hand tied fringe, and SO much versatility. You may or may not know that most LuLaRoe styles are named after family members or important people (i.e. the Patrick being named after LuLaRoe’s head designer). The Mimi was fondly named by the founder, DeAnne, after her mother Maureen.


I’ve put together just a few of the many ways you can wear the Mimi. Wear her as a poncho, shawl, or scarf. Pair her with literally any LuLaRoe items that you have in your closet – you can’t go wrong! I chose to pair the Mimi with a Julia dress, Carly dress and Sarah Duster. I’ve also worn her with an Irma and some buttery soft leggings; I mean, how much cozier can you get?!


How do you wear your Mimi?



LuLaRoe Mimi Styling by LuLaRoe Sarah Adams //

LuLaRoe Mimi Styling

How to Wear LuLaRoe Mimi - Pair with a LuLaRoe Julia Dress and Sarah Duster