How to Make a Leggings Burrito

When you hear the word “LuLaRoe,” most people automatically think leggings. While the company’s focus is definitely not on the buttery soft goodness, some LuLaRoe customers have made it their mission to get their hands on the latest “unicorn.” With such a huge focus on leggings, you’re bound to have them piling up in all corners of your bedroom. I’ve tried stacking, folding and even hanging them. They look great at first, until a few days pass and you’ve pulled out a dozen pairs to make an outfit.


Recently at Convention, a LuLaRoe retailer shared a new way to store & organize leggings – a leggings burrito! With this super easy rolling and tucking technique, you can easily find and identify your leggings without creating a giant tangled mess. Once you’ve created your burritos, throw them in a bin, stack them in your drawer… the options are endless!


Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to master the buttery soft burrito. Need some extra comfy leggings in your life so that you can try it for yourself? Find your favorite pair over in my shopping group!



What do you think about this burrito method? Have you tried it? Did it make your leggings storage less stressful?


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