LuLaRoe Styling: The Maxi Skirt

A lot of people don’t realize that the maxi skirt was actually LuLaRoe’s flagship product. With a foldable yoga waistband and mermaid fit, the maxi skirt is your go-to piece when you’re looking to achieve both comfort and style. The maxi skirt runs pretty true to size. If you’re in between sizes, I’d definitely recommend sizing down.


Ever since Pinterest exploded, you can find tons of posts on a million and one ways to wear a maxi skirt. While it’s fun to get creative, having too many options can sometimes get a little overwhelming! Here are a few quick ways to style your LuLaRoe maxi skirt using other LuLaRoe styles.


Maxi with Irma

Because the Irma has a high-low hemline, you’ll probably want to knot the side or front to get rid of the excess fabric.

LuLaRoe Irma with Maxi Skirt |



Maxi with Classic

The Classic T works perfectly with the maxi skirt because of its slight high-low hemline. Wear it as is, make a small knot, or even tuck it into the maxi and add a belt!

LuLaRoe Classic T with Maxi Skirt |


Maxi with Perfect T

With slits on either side, the Perfect T has a loose, babydoll shirt type of fit. Pair it with the LuLaRoe maxi for a loose-fitting, bohemian style.


LuLaRoe Perfect T with Maxi Skirt |


Maxi under Nicole

For something completely new, try layering the maxi underneath a Nicole dress. This unexpected duo is flowy and fun.

Layer a LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt under the Nicole dress |


Maxi as a Dress

When wearing the maxi skirt as a dress, you might want to go down a size! The slinky material skirts have more stretch than the “cotton” feeling ones, and they will be more likely to slip off if there’s too much room. You can always add a belt or a Lindsay kimono, too.

LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt as a dress with a Lindsay Kimono |


In warmer weather, wearing it as a dress makes a great pool or beach cover up!

LuLaRoe Maxi skirt as a beach coverup |


So there you have it!

What’s your favorite way to wear a maxi skirt? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Need a new maxi in your wardrobe? Click here to shop some gorgeous options.

How to Wear the LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt |